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are you ready to
launch your business?

What better time to bring your vision to life with a successful business launch than right now?!


At Epic Motion, we help visionaries like you transform your idea into revenue-driving solutions using sophisticated, strategic brand and website development, & more!

We use innovative and strategic design to develop your brand and craft an effective website that will bring you the success you envision!


Here is our epic process:

3. Contract & Deposit

Duration: 1-3 business days


After the quote is accepted, you will receive a contract and payment information. A deposit is required in order to reserve your space & get started!

4. Logo Creative Call

Duration: 1 hr


Let's get creative! During this call, we will talk about your logo vision, color palette, typography, submark and all other elements that will make up your brand.

1. Schedule a Discovery Call

Duration: 1 hour


If you can think it, we can do it! During this call, we will discuss your vision and goals. It is important to have both your vision, ideas and goals prior to scheduling a discovery call; however, not a must! We are here to help you create a brand that you will be proud of!

2. Review Quote

Duration: 1-3 business days


Once we discuss your vision, we will provide you with a quote with the best strategy for your launch. You will have 1-3 business days to review review & accept the quote.

5. Creative, Review & Approve

Duration: 2 weeks+


We will work on crafting a brand new logo for you. We will present you with two concepts to review. Once your logo is approved, we will build your brand guide and brand assets.

6. Website Build

Duration: 4 weeks+


Each website is uniquely crafted to tell your story and deliver a clear understanding of your product or services. Your brand and messaging will be carried throughout the website delivering a memorable experience to your visitors and prospect clients.

7. Launch!

Create an unstoppable trajectory from the moment you launch your brand!

At Epic Motion, we ensure that you have a smooth and successful launch for your new business.

Congratulations, you did it!


75% of consumers said they’re likely to continue purchasing from new brands in the future.


91% of consumers said they're likely to continue buying products and services online.


67% of consumers said their online purchasing increased since the start of the pandemic.


59% of consumers have purchased from new brands since the pandemic started.


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There are endless possibilities in
launching & growing your own business.


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