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Brand Guide & Logo Files 


This is a key document that helps communicate your company's design standards creating a a consistent message to your audience and on-brand content. 



Your logo submark is a less detailed version of your primary logo that can be used as a secondary mark similar to a watermark. It's a way to give each branch of their business a logo with still having a cohesive brand. A logo submark allows for a more playful way to incorporate your branding into your designs.


Your ZIP folder contained the following folders: 4C, black, white, submark. These are the color formats in which each logo has been designed. 4C stands for 4 colors meaning this is your primary full colored logo. There is an all white and all black version along with your submark. 

Inside each folder you will find the following formats for each logo; EPS, PDF, PNG and JPG. 



An eps file is the gold standard for your logo files. It is a vector-based image. This means an eps file can be sized up or down without deteriorating the image quality. These files have a transparent background and are easily scalable for print — they can be as large as a billboard and as small as a business card. When you send your logo to a printer or design professional always send them this file version. Keep in mind you might not be able to open or place this file in some software, upload an eps to your website or social media sites. If the software you are using does not let you place or import and eps then you’ll be forced to use an alternative logo file format.


A pdf is a very common file type and can be viewed in a finder window, web browser, or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Like jpgs, pdfs have a background color to them or can have a background-size that is larger than the graphic itself. A pdf's quality can vary drastically because it can be exported for web (typically lower quality and optimized for fast loading) or print (usually higher quality resolution).


A png file is a raster-based graphic meant for web usage. These files are pixel-based and cannot be scaled up without pixelation. A png file has a transparent backgrounds. They can be used for your website and on social media and opened with most computer software or in a web browser. 


A jpg or jpeg file is a raster-based image meant for web or print use. A jpg file does not support transparent backgrounds. Similar to png, jpg files must be created with the correct size and resolution for the end usage. They can be used for your website and on social media and opened with any computer software.

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